Our Goal

Goal of Spot Me: is to create a smile, inspire hope, and change one’s destiny. In the near future as people are wearing, sporting or displaying the logo, others familiar with our products can say thank you for your support and/or strike up a conversation about standing together in the fight to save, change or positively impact lives for a better tomorrow.

Spot Me Athletics: We also have apparel where the “O” in the logo may be a basketball, tennis ball, golf ball, baseball, etc. These particular products are simply sports in which the purchaser identifies with in some form or another. Be it that they are active in this area, supportive of family or friend, or simply like the style of the clothing.

  • Sometime in the near future we will also select specific foundation/organizations to financially support whose mission is to use sports as a means of empowerment of our youth living in economic disadvantage areas domestically and internationally.


Individually we may only scratch the surface of life, but together we can be the difference in how those scratched surfaces impact the lives of others.